Back to the old

Today is my first day back in Denmark, so this is a little sentimental comic to mark the end of my stay in England. 
I was planning on staying there for longer, but life happens. I will be going back a lot though, so it’s certainly not goodbye forever.

The little people behind the countries are my housemates. :)

From the comic: Rock that Dress
Animated by Stephen.
Voiced by DapperDan.

Hurry hurry hurry

Denmark was well aware that it didn’t have the military power to fight the Nazis, so the plan was to surrender and cooperate with them. However, they also knew what the Nazis did to Jews, so when reports came in that the Nazis were on their way the Danish government immediately got hold of 99% of Danish Jews and shipped them off to neutral Sweden in the dead of night.
(Unlike in this comic though, the Jews knew where they were going and why)

This of course also means the Jewish community in Denmark is pretty small today.

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