Always watch your drink

To Europeans it seems weird and oddly suspicious at first that some American products boast that they contain real sugar, until we remember that Americans usually use corn syrup.

Football Feelings

Congratulations Germany! Don’t get too drunk and remember to not make any important decisions while you’re this high on happy. ;)


Animated by Stephen Leotti
Voice of Australia by Aimee Smith
Voice of Denmark by Casper Christensen
Music by Casper Christensen
Based on the comic by Humon:
Produced by Dayvi Arnold

Thank you for your feedback on our previous animation! We’ve added a title card, voices are by members of the country, we’ve added music, and we tried to speed it up a little too.

Scandinavian Design

Kuwait is getting real tired of your shit guys.

The Kuwait National Assembly Building was designed by Danish architect Jørn Utzon, the same guy who designed the Sydney Opera House. To illustrate his idea to the Kuwaiti people, he used a row of empty beer bottles.

When the Kuwaiti people asked the Swedish architect Sune Lindström for a new tower, his original idea was to make it mushroom shaped, but he was asked to change the design, so Sune’s Danish wife Malene Bjørn made a new design which is now Kuwait’s most famous building.

The Towers were built before the National Assembly. I just thought it was funnier this way.